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Comparatively lame.

And my avatar is Acid Bunny from Acid Bunny :D
Tagged by SunEmperor!

How would you react if someone tells you the following:

You're such a wuss.

Ha! But I'm smarter than you!
If you have to tell me, you're not.

Your crush has a crush on me.
Ha, you're admitting that nobody likes you then?

I didn't know you were so dumb when it comes to math.
I didn't know it was opposite day. Aren't I an idiot~?

Hurry up would you?

You're so snobbish.
Your point being?

Wanna settle this outside?
Hell yes.

You afraid of me?
Wanna settle this outside?

He/she loves me more!
Again proving how unloved you are. This is just sad.

You have bad grades.
Objectively, no.

What if your crush told you...

I have a crush on you.
Oh god, I'm so sorry for you.

I don't love you.
Didn't ask you to.

I think I love you already.
The "already" part of that sentence is the most disconcerting thing I've heard in a while.

Can I copy your answers?
If you want, but don't think I won't tell the teacher.

I think I have a crush on your friend.
Oh god, I'm so sorry for you.

Can I sit next to you?

Would you like to dance with me?
Depends on the song, and whether or not you mind dancing with someone with the coordination of a dead octopus.

I think you have a crush on me.
Meh, maybe. What's it to you?

You have a cute smile.

Why are you so nice to me?
It's best to cultivate trust amongst people one is forced to be in close contact with on a regular basis.

What's your reaction if your parents told you...

Go home before it gets dark.

Look at your sibling, he/she is so good at school.

Go to bed early.
Sure. (2am counts as early still, right?)

Clean the house, wash the dishes, water the plants...
I didn't make the mess tho T.T

Study hard ok?

When i was your age I only had 1 peso as lunch money.

Why can't you be more like him.
Is this another way of telling me to be nicer?

When I say no... I MEAN NO!
Sure. (does the thing anyway)

I refuse to tag anybody >(

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I came to let you know I'm holding another feature for my watchers! Maybe you have been in one before, maybe not, but it's sure worth a shot!

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for an example of previous features please look at my Summer Feature or Spring Feature.

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